Coffee Shops Business Plan

In this concept section, your description can be in general terms.Paint a picture of the shop and include a sense of the atmosphere customers will encounter.Include the following concepts: This may be the most fun portion of your business plan to write because you can describe in detail the scope of your services and product offerings.

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The color palette, furniture selection, flow of traffic and seating arrangements and decor will set a tone for your establishment.

Your plan should thoroughly describe each of these aspects so that your finished result is cohesive and reflects your original intent.

Your description of a cafe menu should include the scope of the items you will serve: Once you have described the types of beverages and food you will be serving, you'll need to delineate the practical side of food preparation and service.

Here you should not only describe the methods you will use, but also plan for the pieces of equipment your kitchen or coffee prep area will need.

Include other descriptors such as proximity to major highways, corporate centers or potential competitors.

The design for your coffee house or cafe will create a specific atmosphere for your customers.Yet, a large and varied selection may draw more customers.When writing the description of your drink offerings be sure to cover the following topics: If you are operating an establishment with a traditional coffee house feel, you may keep your food offerings pared down to some basic "goes-well-with-coffee" favorites.Distinctions like this extend into how you actually position your business – are you a simple coffee house or are you providing a more extensive cafe environment?Your business plan should include a description of where your coffee house or cafe will be located as well as the benefits of the location.Scones, biscotti, muffins, seasonal quick breads and cookies should be part of your coffee shop description.However, if your atmosphere is designed to encourage people to linger in your shop and socialize, offering an expanded menu will increase your sales and profit.For instance, is the rental space in a shopping mall surrounded by big stores that attract large numbers of customers and drive traffic to you store or is it located on the main street of a small town business district?Describe how the location will most likely impact how customers will find you.For example, "The Daily Grind Coffeehouse will feature a comfortable environment to relax, work, and meet friends and business colleagues.Seating for 40 patrons, at both small tables and in several living-room-like settings with chairs and sofas, will encourage guests to stay and socialize."Include atmosphere inspiring details such as decor featuring work from local artists, live music on the weekends or sponsored book club gatherings.


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