Character Analysis Essay On To Kill A Mockingbird

Atticus so rarely asked Jem and me to do something for him, I could take being called a coward for him.I felt extremely noble for having remembered, and remained noble for three weeks.”We see here how much she cares about her father’s words – she is ready to sacrifice her dreadful reputation and even endure being called names.

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The challenge faces is vividly described in her quote: “I drew a bead on him, remembered what Atticus had said, then dropped my fists and walked away, “Scout’s a cow- ward! It was the first time I ever walked away from a fight.

Somehow, if I fought Cecil I would let Atticus down.

Naturally, a pretty girl finds it difficult to run, climb trees and kick people in a puffy skirt.

She immediately rebels against her aunt, fighting for her freedom the pants embodied.

She, as a girl, is expected to be tender, gentle and love dolls and cooking and also she doesn’t have her mother around her to teach her femininity. Finch for a while to compensate the lack of female role model for her, she pushes poor Scout too hard.

Aunt Alexandra starts from taking away all Scout’s pants and dressing her up in a girly way.

Atticus Finch, a lawyer living in the small American town.

As we learn from reading the story, her nickname, Scout, has a lot to say about her personality.

She finds another kind of higher nobility in avoiding the fights like it serves a greater goal. Before she thought that every problem can be fixed very quickly and whoever hits harder is right.

But after she has to search for other ways, starts to think about the real meaning of justice, diplomacy and superiority of intelligence over physical strength.


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