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With this deployment style, sight of the big picture can be lost.” However, he says that, there can be a promulgation of this innovation-stifling belief by those who feel threatened.Some are concerned by the additional level of accountability and are looking for ways to undermine the deployment’s implementation,” Breyfogle remarks.But I think it always has to be leavened a bit with a focus on innovation and [customer relationships].” Brushing aside criticism that 6S inhibits rather than encourages innovation, Forrest Breyfogle, CEO Smarter Solutions, says: “this could be the case in an organization’s Lean Six Sigma deployment, where focus is given to the search for projects and their completion.

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“One exception will be incremental innovation such as product extensions (for example, multiple colors of post-it notes are innovations, but very different than a groundbreaking radical innovation like the ipod).

Such incremental innovation may actually increase because it is easy to measure in the short term, and managers can demonstrate improvement in metrics like time-to-market or costs,” adds Benner.

The rigorous application of hypothesis, experimentation, and testing is at the core of the innovation process,” he says.

improvement program that focuses on driving value, rather than dogmatic adherence to a methodology, will be successful.

But for Professor Mary Benner from the Wharton School of Management, Six Sigma doesn’t gel with innovation.

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She says that as people in an organization are closely adhering to standard processes and improving how the organization currently operates, the company can become less innovative in new areas and less able to change to respond to external changes.

In an interview to Business Week, Tom Davenport, management professor Babson College feels that the days of the 6S are over.

He says that Six Sigma was developed as a systematic way to improve quality, but the reason it caught fire was its effectiveness in cutting costs and improving profitability.

That makes it a powerful tool-if those are a company’s goals.

But as innovation becomes the cause , companies are increasingly confronting the side effects of a Six Sigma culture,” he says adding; “process management is a good thing.


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