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For students whose first language is not English, writing an entire college essay in English can be a daunting task. One of the biggest struggles that international students often face is writing an essay.

Most instances of plagiarism can be avoided by properly citing your sources, so it’s important to include a comprehensive list of works cited for your writing.

If you’re unsure how to cite something, talk to your instructor about their preferred citation method. There are still resources when it comes to help writing an essay without resorting to dishonest means.

Students who use Essay Dog® watch short videos that guide them through the process of brainstorming and building an essay, then complete a short writing exercise after each video.

These exercises will help you pinpoint your story in four sentences, find the overarching message and theme of your story, and link your story to the essay prompt.

Often, these classes utilize peer editing exercises.

Editing another student’s work and giving feedback is a great way to get better at editing your own work.These essay writing help resources include: Essay Dog® is a software that helps walk students like you through the process of writing college essays.Essay Dog® can help you identify the elements of a great story which you can then use to create a great essay.Once you’re done with each of these steps, the Essay Dog® software uses these exercises to combine all of your work and create the first draft of your essay which will be ready for editing and proofreading.Essay Dog® is a great resource for students who struggle with essay structure.Some writing centers even offer English language and grammar tutoring, which can be helpful for international students.When you work one-on-one with an instructor, you’ll have more opportunities to discuss ideas, ask questions, and learn to organize, revise, edit, or proofread.Fortunately, there are a number of honest essay writing resources to help you write a great essay.When looking for help writing an essay it is important to stay honest and avoid plagiarism.Whether through your school or simply another student on campus, finding a tutor is fairly easy.Check in areas around campus where students often advertise services, such as student lounges or the International Student Center.


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