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It’s invoked following either a natural disaster or human-induced disasters.Take it Further: Need help understanding risks and issues? Well, for those of us who are in IT, information technology, this topic becomes more and more important every day.No matter what region you are in in the world, you can see examples of either natural disasters or human-induced disasters.The plan ensures that personnel and assets are protected and are able to function quickly in the event of a disaster.The BCP is generally conceived in advance and involves input from key stakeholders and personnel.If something were to happen to the company's corporate office, its satellite offices would still have access to important information.Companies may also find it useful to come up with a checklist that includes key details such as emergency contact information, a list of resources the continuity team may need, where backup data and other required information is housed or stored, and other important personnel.So first of all, if an event occurs, if a disaster occurs, who is the emergency contact? Also, it’s important to know who is the disaster recovery lead, because they are actually leading this effort to the recovery. They are responsible for keeping the approaches, the processes, and all of this up to date. So when we talk about data and we talk about backups, we also want to know what is the frequency? So this can be very expensive and this can be very detailed. Number two, review the whole process on a regular basis to ensure that it’s up to date.We also need to know the network team, the server team, applications team, and the data and backup recovery team. Depending upon some data, some data is backed up continually real time. Then we need to know the restoring, the IT functionality. So this is just a high level look at all the aspects that we need to consider. And number three, backup and then confirm that the backups did work properly.There can be also breaches like security breaches, or even sabotage.Sometimes when employees leave or get upset, if they have access to the technology, they can sabotage it.


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