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To prevent this, choose a name before you do anything else.

Search to make sure no one else has taken your name.

Attorneys at the USPTO will review your application to make sure that it complies with legal standards and does not conflict with existing trademarks.

Check out How to Name a Business to learn more about naming and trademarking your new business.

Thus, when you're opening a brewery and reinvesting most of your initial profits, the tax consequences will be very minimal.

A further benefit of setting up your new brewery as an LLC is that it gives you greater control over how the company operates.According to, breweries with the word "Liquid" in their name tend to have the highest rating when compared to breweries that use more traditional nouns like "beer company," "brewery," "brewing," and "beerworks." A unique name creates a stronger and more memorable first impression.It would be tragic if you created logos, filed all of your paperwork, and printed business cards before discovering that the name you would like to use for your brewery is already taken.This will help you keep track of products and ingredients as they come in and go out, help you track costs, and know when you need to order.We recommend Odoo Inventory and Loyverse Advanced Inventory for breweries.Learn more Choosing Your Name and Securing it with Trademarks Writing a Business Plan Finding the Right Location Forming Your Business Tech Tools to Make Running Your Business Easier Finding Great Employees Alcohol and Tobacco Trade Board License State Licenses Choosing Distributiors Creating a Production Schedule Equipment Costs Advice from Experts Frequently Asked Questions Many breweries choose to adopt a name that relates to their location, such as Great Lakes Brewing.This can be a great way to create regional appeal, particularly in an industry that prides itself on "local" products.There are likely already several craft breweries in your region, so you will need to understand what they are doing and how your plan is distinct.To simplify things, start by asking yourself, "Why would customers buy my beer instead of the beer from brewery XYZ down the road? As with most things in life, the financial portion of the plan is very important.When you're starting a brewery, a location is not optional. They also need space for a bar or taproom where patrons can sample beer unless you plan to sell all of your products directly to stores and restaurants.Either way, you need a spacious location that can function as an active brewery. Some new breweries are built from scratch so that they can be fully customized, while others are created by renovating an existing building.


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