Business Continuity Communication Plan

For the second part, you will need to first gather a variety of information and make sure that it is well documented, easily accessible and stored in a number of secure locations.This should include up-to-date employee contact information (email, mobile and home phone numbers, emergency contact information, etc.).

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Because of this, it’s very difficult to provide specific best practices for this part of your BC/DR plan.

However, the key is to match your safety plan to the specific needs of your organization.

A detailed list of all critical functions performed within your area either weekly, monthly, or annually will help prioritize resumption of services. If your entire department is moving into a new building, a good continuity plan will help you know what processes/functions are the most critical for that month and allow you to activate those first.

What if the air conditioning is out for many weeks during the summer and staff can’t work in those conditions? The plan -- containing lists of supplies, tools, equipment, etc.

The response to a fire in your facility during working hours will be very different from communications following the widespread distribution of a defective product, for example.

Emergency communications should be brief and as accurate as possible.Other companies may automate emergency calls with purpose-built communications software/ services.Regardless of the methods you use to distribute information to your employees, your emergency communications plan should provide enough detail that it can be carried out if the plan’s creator is not available following the event (e.g. Your plan should also be flexible enough to accommodate for a variety of potential emergency situations.Depending on the structure of your organization, you may want to keep managers updated, allowing them to pass on information to direct reports on a “need-to-know” basis.Again, the specifics of your business will dictate the correct approach.It should also include a methodology for contacting employees.Obviously, email is the easiest way to reach a large group of employees, but if your company’s email server is down, you are out of luck.Not having good BCPs can be detrimental to university financial concerns, branding, and reputation.IU is expected to teach and support teaching and research efforts without fail. Because everyone has a role in the success of the division, department or unit, it is best that all parties assist in providing the knowledge and expertise about the functions and operations for the plan. IU encourages plans be written for the ‘worst case scenario.’ If you plan for the worst and then hope for the best, you are prepared for recovery from any incident occurring at any time.And, listing the resources required to perform those processes. The goal of continuity planning is to enable you to continue your mission despite a disaster or crisis.Some departments will be expected not only to continue but also to expand their services during these times.


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