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This prompted a period of skeptical inquiry, one in which atheism became an important cultural, philosophical, and political entity.

This prompted a period of skeptical inquiry, one in which atheism became an important cultural, philosophical, and political entity.

Polling around the world has produced an extremely wide variance, with the largest rates of atheism generally seen in Europe and East Asia.

Closely related is the idea of agnosticism, which doesn’t profess to know whether there is or isn’t a deity.

Though its scriptures and traditions inform countless subsequent sects and ideologies, Buddhism is largely divided into two branches: Theravada — the goal of which is to achieve freedom from ignorance, material attachment, and anger by practicing the Noble Eightfold Path, all in pursuit of a sublime state called Nirvana; and Mahayana — the goal of which is aspire to Buddhahood by practicing the Zen principles of self-control, meditation, and expression of the insight of Buddha in your daily life, especially for the benefit of others, all to the end of achieving bodhisattva, or an ongoing cycle of rebirth by which you can continue to enlighten others.

Today, roughly 7% of the world practices some form of Buddhism, making it the fourth largest of the world’s religions, with an estimated 500 million adherents across both the Eastern and Western World.

They produce cultural constructs, power dynamics, and historical narratives.

They can also produce philosophical innovation, ethical reform, and the advancement of social justice.Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth.Christianity teaches that Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah (the savior of humanity foretold in the Torah, the primary scriptural doctrine of the Jewish faith).The Buddha lived and taught in the eastern part of ancient India, providing the template for a faith based on the ideas of moral rectitude, freedom from material attachment or desire, the achievement of peace and illumination through meditation, and a life dedicated to wisdom, kindness, and compassion.The Buddha’s teachings proliferated widely through much of Asia in the centuries that followed.As something of a hybrid of other faiths, Bahá’í grew out of the tradition of Babism, which itself emerged from an Islamic denomination called Shaykhism.(Today, Babism exists with a few thousand adherents, concentrated largely in Iran, and standing separately from the Islamic ideologies that surround it.) Like Babism, Bahá’í incorporates some of the teachings of Islam but merges them with some Christian principles.This is a study starter, an entry point for understanding the basics of the world’s major religions.We’ll give you the quick low down on the belief systems, theologies, scriptures, and histories of the world’s major religions.It gained more popular modern visibility when coined by English biologist Thomas Henry Huxley, who in 1869 recognized that incapacity of humans to truly answer questions regarding the divine.To Huxley, and the agnostic and athiest thinkers who followed, theistic or gnostic religions lack scientific basis, and therefore, should be rejected.


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