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As an English major, you'll have access to the faculty and courses that can help you achieve your goals.

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Faculty member Ben Lerner has been awarded a 2015 Mac Arthur Fellowship.

Faculty member Marjorie Welish has been awarded a 2014 Guggenheim Fellowship.

Ideally, you should follow the four-year degree map as closely as possible, but you are free to make some adjustments so long as the prerequisite requirements are satisfied.

Field 1 – Middle Ages: ENGL 3111, ENGL 3112, ENGL 3520, ENGL 4101, CMLT 3614.

Field 6 – Postmodernism & Contemporary Discourses: ENGL 2402, ENGL 3154, ENGL 3161, ENGL 3162, ENGL 3163, ENGL 3166, ENGL 3167, ENGL 3174, ENGL 3180, ENGL 3187, ENGL 3191, ENGL 3193, ENGL 3194, ENGL 4105, ENGL 4107, ENGL 4109, ENGL 4110, ENGL 4111, ENGL 4112, ENGL 4113, ENGL 4114, CMLT 3609, CMLT 3611, CMLT 3619, CMLT 3621, CMLT 3622, CMLT 3623, CMLT 3625, CMLT 4601, CMLT 4602.

In conjunction with the four-year degree map, you should review Degree Works, and the Brooklyn College website, for an approved list of courses in your major.These readings are intimate, meant for students in the program and members of the community.The writers read from their work and speak informally to students about the writing process.Field 4 – Nineteenth Century & Romanticism: ENGL 3140, ENGL 3141, ENGL 3142, ENGL 3143, ENGL 3145, ENGL 3151, ENGL 3156, ENGL 3157, ENGL 3158, ENGL 3160, ENGL 4104, ENGL 4107, CMLT 3606, CMLT 3617.Field 5 – Modernism: ENGL 2402, ENGL 3152, ENGL 3153, ENGL 3156, ENGL 3159, ENGL 3160, ENGL 3161, ENGL 3162, ENGL 3163, ENGL 3164, ENGL 3165, ENGL 3170, ENGL 3171, ENGL 3172, ENGL 3173, ENGL 3193, ENGL 4110, ENGL 4107, ENGL 4108, CMLT 3607, CMLT 3608, CMLT 3610, CMLT 3618, CMLT 3622, CMLT 3623 , CMLT 3624, CMLT 3625.Baker is a playwright exploring the complexities of human behavior and the ways in which language is often inadequate to build true understanding between people. With a keen ear for the subtleties of everyday speech, a masterful command of dramatic structure, and a willingness to allow silences to linger on stage (often to a point of discomfort), she brings to life the erratic rhythms of human interaction. Overall, it is best to review your academic plan with your advisor on a regular basis.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Program requirements (44-48 credits) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Creative writing majors should complete either English 2120 or 2121, or be enrolled in one or the other, before continuing in other electives.To read about some of our students, see the recent Poets & Writers "MFA Nation" feature.Playwriting alumna Annie Baker has been named a 2017 Mac Arthur Foundation Fellow.


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