Bottled Water Versus Tap Water Essay

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Over the years, its consumption has increased making it a household good.It is the fastest selling non- alcoholic beverage according to Doria ( 2006).

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Also, crude Oil, a health hazard, is used to make the containers used to transport water, hence; this poses a serious health and environmental issue.

In addition, the composition of bottled water has been questioned.

The ethics of supplying bottled water have been debated for a long time.

Perhaps, this is because water, as a public good has been converted into a private good.

This was because tap water was considered unsafe after the industrial revolution.

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Its market grew rapidly in the1990s when it became a business venture.

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An accessible bottle in your bag will instantly slake your thirst. Reducing the sum of fictile H2O bottles in landfills can salvage energy drastically. Tap H2O has some bacteriums that are really good to your wellness. In order for our organic structures to work decently.

It takes more than 700 old ages for plastic to break up. bottled H2O and tap H2O come from the same beginnings: lakes.


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