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I don't expect to use anything from other books in the report, and I expect to basically pull out the important sentences in each chapter and rearrange them into a paragraph (because we are expected to have one paragraph per chapter).

I feel like if I were to properly cite this, I would have to end every sentence with a page number in parentheses. (Also, before it is brought up, I did look through the OWL and did not find an answer to this question) MLA guidelines suggest that, when citing an entire work, "it is best to paraphrase the information being used.

Finally, when it becomes necessary to quote from the work, or you want to make clear what page in the work you're referring to, simply provide an in-line citation referencing the page number, since you've already made it explicit what work you're referring to.

Example: The book "Blah Blah Blah" is an exploration of waffle in the 21st Century.

"Life in the Sprawling Suburbs, If You Can Really Call It Living." Review of Radiant City, directed by Gary Burns and Jim Brown, New York Times, , p.

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Review of Sport, Rhetoric, and Gender: Historical Perspectives and Media Representations, edited by Linda K. I answered this question by Googling and then using my favorite site, Owl at Purdue:“A Review To cite a review, include the title of the review (if available), then the phrase, “Review of” and provide the title of the work (in italics for books, plays, and films; in quotation marks for articles, poems, and short stories). "Title of Review (if there is one)." Review of Performance Title, by Author/Director/Artist. Finally, provide performance and/or publication information. This way, the author's name (or the name of the work, if it is anonymous), is mentioned in the sentence, but there is no need for particular documentation at the end of the sentence." The example given is as follows: So, even though there is no parenthetical citation, you're still clearly indicating what work you are citing.Then all you need to do is reference the work in your bibliography.Visit Stack Exchange Writing Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for the craft of professional writing, including fiction, non-fiction, technical, scholarly, and commercial writing. Sign up to join this community I am to write a book "review" as an assignment, but really it's just a book summary.Our professor wants us to use the MLA format in this book review.Type your information in the header box, highlight it, and hit the right justify selection.Images should be placed near the related text and labeled as Figure, which is typically abbreviated as Fig.Of course, the format includes rules on how to do proper citations and such.How do I cite anything when the entire report is a summary of a single book?


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