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Biology Coursework Yeast-59
This may come as a fulfillment for the requirements in attaining a bachelor’s, master's or doctorate degree in biology.The coursework will involve the writing of the results of your research or experiment at the end of the entire exercise with apa paper or any of the accepted paper formats.

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The term homeostasis was first coined by Walter Cannon in 1929 to literally mean ‘steady state’.

They have found, for example, that the set point for human body temperature varies over a 24 hour cycle, fluctuating between 36°C and 37°C.

As a result of this research, current thinking suggests that while homeostasis controls the ‘minute-by-minute fluctuation in the environment’ , circadian rhythms control the body’s general programming over time.It describes the dynamic equilibrium by which internal constancy is maintained within set limits by regulation and control.There are many examples of homeostatic control throughout the human body and in other living organisms, such as p H, pressure, and temperature.A concept important to homeostasis is the process of feedback circuits; involving a receptor, an effector, and a control centre.A receptor is responsible for detecting a change in the body, while the effector corrects this.Such effects should then cause the body temperature to rise to the optimal 37°C again, causing feedback to switch the circuit ‘off’.If this does not occur, the circuit will continue to direct effectors to warm the body because the feedback will not be switched ‘off’.The human body has a number of mechanisms in place to regulate the storage and release of molecules for energy.Sometimes, an individual will consume more calories than can be immediately used, so sugars will be stored in the form of glycogen (a polymer of glucose) in liver and muscle cells.Recent research, however has added another dimension to the accepted definition of homeostasis.Scientists studying circadian rhythms (24-hour bodily cycles) have pointed out that the internal environment does not have completely constant ‘normal’ set point.


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