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It is vitally important to calibrate the colorimeter before taking a measurement.This did affect my results, once I obtained results for 20o C and saw they were higher in percentage light transmission than for 10o C.Dependant Variable: The amount of red pigment in the water will be measured as a light transmission percentage by a colorimeter.

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This was easily achieved by using a small 10cm3 measuring cylinder.This will be achieved by using a cork borer, standard size 6.The width of the disks is going to be 5mm thick (to 0.5mm degree accuracy) measured by a standard ruler.Analysis: Graph 1 shows my initial results and their averages for temperatures 10o C, 20o C, 40o C and 60o C.The general trend of the graph looks like a linear negative correlation between temperature and light transmission as a percentage.This possible error did not affect my results as my accuracy was to 0.1cm3.A nearly 100% accurate measurement can be achieved if a precision pipette is used. This is a piece of electronic equipment that may malfunction, as possibly happened with the initial result for 10o C.The maximum temperature will be 80o C high enough to measure an extreme condition but not high enough to let the water boil.The temperatures I will use will be: just above 0o C, 20o C, 40o C, 60o C and 80o C.The volume of liquid may have been a source of error.The volume of water in the beaker which is acting as a water bath does not have to be a specific volume.


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