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Webster-Stratton and Reid conducted experiment to show difference and its effects between child-directed play that lets children to play what they want to do and express feeling and adult- directed play that parent or educator specifically asks to how they should play. [Accessed 7 September 2019]; Available from: https://

In the therapy, five years old boy, Dylan who had multiple tantrums and aggressive behaviors to other people and no friends, was asked to child-directed play with his parents. Importance of Early Childhood Education [Internet].

Among many benefits of early childhood education, most fundamental reason is that education provided in five to eight years is very influential to what kind of person a child would grow up and is vital for academic and mental development of an individual.

According to early childhood education research journal, most capacity of language skill of learning vocabulary, which is a foundation for literacy, develops by ages of three (Bouchard & Gilles, 2011).

If these fundamental capabilities are not developed in early ages, it would affect to child’s learning potentials.

Early childhood is defined as first eight years of life of individual.You can view samples of our professional work here.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.First, he rejected his parent’s attempts to play with him, but gradually started to interact and invite them into his play. These child-directed plays enable to establish ego and practice how to express and control (Webster-Stratton & Reid, 2010). However, even though it is true that they can’t differentiate right or wrong, it is also true that children absorb everything what they hear and see like sponge and therefore early education is essential.Research and study on brain development shows how closely they connect to development of emotional, physical, and social capability of individuals.Children in groups that educator waits and listens what they say and educator follow child’s lead tried to use new vocabulary and to finish their sentence while children in group that educator makes correction when they use wrong grammar or vocabulary didn’t use any new words and some weren’t even to start to talk later.Children learn language skills by interacting with immediate environment and training or simple structural changes can improve language skills of children (Bouchard & Gilles, 2011).In that age, they learn how to associate with friends and start to look people around them.Teaching language or academic skills in early ages is not only education, but rather child-directed play and interacting with them is most important education (Webster-Stratton & Reid, 2010).


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