Benefits Of Learning English As Your Second Language Essay

English is the language of science, of aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism.

Knowing English increases your chances of getting a good job in a multinational company within your home country or of finding work abroad.

What’s more, English is the commonly adopted second language of people in a great many more countries, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Holland.

In total, around 1.5 billion people speak English worldwide – and another billion are in the process of learning it.

Image source Given the connected global society that we live in, more and more people recognize the importance of learning an additional language, and there is increased value placed on bilingualism. includes fluency in a second language you have given yourself an advantage; your chances of landing a job are greater than for people who only speak one language. According to an MIT study, people who know two or more languages earn an average of $128,000 more in their lifetimes.

Many professions in the United States and around the world require daily interaction with people who speak many different languages. Image source Language is the best introduction to a new culture – you are exposed to the cultural traditions that are tied to learning a language.) Students who study a world language for just one year score an average of 38 points higher on the SATs.Even better: students who took four years of a world language showed scores that were more than a hundred points higher on average.Learning English is important and people all over the world decide to study it as a second language.Many countries include English as a second language in their school syllabus and children start learning English at a young age.This increased cultural awareness provides for enriched interpersonal experiences such as building relationships, appreciating different ethnic and cultural values, and discovering unique histories and traditions.Bilingualism is a major asset in an increasingly interconnected world.Will you make this number even bigger by learning it yourself?Being able to speak English allows you to communicate effectively in numerous countries, and this opens up lots of possibilities for you in terms of the countries you could choose to seek work in one day – not to mention travel to as a tourist.If you want to learn English, please contact us to speak to a member of our team about our English courses in the UK.We welcome students from all over the world to our schools in London, Oxford, Brighton, Manchester, York & Edinburgh.


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