Baz Luhrmann'S Romeo And Juliet Essays

There is a great difference between the director’s and playwright’s vision of his main characters, but it is very important and cannot be denied that the director managed to transfer the “spirit” of the play.

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For example, there is the matter of how Shakespeare structures the language of the characters of differing status in order to be able to properly convey differences of gender, class, political faction, or dramatic function; this is a question which can easily be discussed in regards to multiple different......, the tragedy may have been avoided.

Romeo would have had the patience to await Juliet's awakening and the two would have been reunited.

This symbolizes the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’s love story and further mirrors Shakespeare’s lexical technique of dramatic irony in his prose.

(“How does Baz Luhrmann interpret Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Essay”, n.d.) How does Baz Luhrmann interpret Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Essay.

The capacity of Romeo and Juliet to provoke thought all through these years proves why the text is a classic which has become a staple in literary conversations.

In my opinion, no one is directly to blame for the tragedy, it was matter-of fact,.....bitter feud that was raging between them.

He does this by first examining the various essential elements of Aristotle’s definition of tragedy which begins with a sincere imitation of life that is ordered in such a way as to provide “insight into the meaning of the human situation represented in a given drama” (Golden, 1984).

To illustrate just what he means when trying to define just how tragedy imitates life, Golden analyzes the Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex in terms of its tragic plot development. The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet has been an important piece of literature that has shaped the way hat we look at love stories and tragedies at the same time.

In fact, for the actors, the only salvation from a professional critic comes from Baumgarten (1996, Pg.

1) who writes that, “I can hardly think of another work this year that compares with Romeo & Juliet.


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