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Rosenworcel told stories of kids around the country going to diners and parking lots to access the internet service they need to complete school assignments—and how fixes like Wi-Fi on school buses could help those kids keep up with their classmates.A similar divide in another part of the world saw a much broader policy change.

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Kids in grades one and two start at a maximum of 20 minutes of homework a day before climbing to a maximum of eight hours a week for the eldest students.

According to , that policy came after a World Health Organization report noted that Maltese children felt overpressured from the amounts of homework they were being given.

KID 3: I think it could be a good idea, so people can get out more but I think it also means students have to work harder at school and be on task more.

It might be the burden after all the other school work like essays, assignment and projects that they need to do so any work after that related to studies seems quite touch and boring to them. It is needed as students are needed to practice whatever they have learnt in school.

Homework isn't exactly the funnest thing in the world. KID 1: I do about three hours of homework during the week and probably about one to two hours on the weekend.

They discussed it and decided to drop homework altogether and assign their students more free time for friends, family and fun activities.

But experts say it's also important for the work you take home to be interesting and educational, and for there to be a balance between homework and life.

As far as who gets to decide on this whole homework/no homework thing, well, it's really up to every school to make its own policy. KID 2: I think homework's not really useful because students do a lot of work during the school day.

Rural versus urban access The topic gets a little more complicated when we talk about the divide between rural and urban communities.

Pope's study looked at affluent Californians, but students in rural areas can face a stress of different kind: the "homework gap." In more far-flung areas, the poor quality or plain lack of internet access can put students at a disadvantage in an education system that's increasingly aimed at the well connected.


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