Assignment Operator In C

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The copy assignment operator is called whenever selected by overload resolution, e.g.

when an object appears on the left side of an assignment expression.

If only the copy assignment is provided, all argument categories select it (as long as it takes its argument by value or as reference to const, since rvalues can bind to const references), which makes copy assignment the fallback for move assignment, when move is unavailable.

It is unspecified whether virtual base class subobjects that are accessible through more than one path in the inheritance lattice, are assigned more than once by the implicitly-defined copy assignment operator (same applies to move assignment).

During computation, mathematical operations like: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc are converted to bit-level which makes processing faster and saves power.

Bitwise operators are used in C programming to perform bit-level operations.If the implicitly-declared copy assignment operator is neither deleted nor trivial, it is defined (that is, a function body is generated and compiled) by the compiler if odr-used.For ), the operator performs member-wise copy assignment of the object's bases and non-static members, in their initialization order, using built-in assignment for the scalars and copy assignment operator for class types.After the assignment, an assignment expression has the value of the left operand but is not an l-value.In assignment, the type of the right-hand value is converted to the type of the left-hand value, and the value is stored in the left operand after the assignment has taken place.A implicitly-declared copy assignment operator for class .All data types compatible with the C language (POD types) are trivially copy-assignable.The copy assignment operator, often just called the "assignment operator", is a special case of assignment operator where the source (right-hand side) and destination (left-hand side) are of the same class type.It is one of the special member functions, which means that a default version of it is generated automatically by the compiler if the programmer does not declare one.See assignment operator overloading for additional detail on the expected behavior of a user-defined copy-assignment operator. they are members of the same union), the behavior is undefined unless the overlap is exact and the types are compatible.


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