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(24 marks) (i) Critically consider one social psychological theory of aggression.

(24 marks) (j) Describe two research studies related to bystander behaviour.

(12 marks) (k) Assess the value of these studies for understanding altruism and/or bystander behaviour.

(12 marks) (l)Discuss explanations of media influences on anti-social behaviour.

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We are a UK web site located near the University of Manchester.(24 marks) (f) Describe one theory related to the maintenance of relationships.(12 marks) (g) Evaluate the theory related to the maintenance of relationships that you described in part (f) (12 marks) (h) Discuss cultural and sub-cultural differences in relationships, with reference to ‘understudied’ relationships.i have outlined the possible 6 - 12 mark questions that could come out in the AS AQA psychology A exam and, using the mark scheme, the text book, and notes i have come up with ideal answers.i have attached them in a word document so you can print them.Mark: 92% (A) Concepts of Abnormality and Mental Health.Part A Describe and evaluate two psychological explanations/models of atypical or abnormal behaviour e.g. Part B Critically evaluate treatments and therapies derived from the explanations/models discussed in part a. Here you can buy example essays, assignments, coursework, papers, and dissertations to help guide and support your studies. We only accept the best academic work that has been written by UK college and university students. Dd Ey RWF revision lists with all the core topics, possible essay questions, and space to fill in the details of your option topics for paper 3.AQA Psychology students have taken to Twitter to share reactions and memes to their A Level exam, and it's safe to say there are some preeeetty painful hands right now.(24 marks) (d) Discuss two ways in which prejudice and/or discrimination might be reduced.(24 marks) (e) Discuss research studies related to interpersonal attraction.


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