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Working on straight commission, he cannot bring home enough money to pay his bills.

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According to Willy he will have a bigger business than their Uncle Charley because “he’s liked, but he’s not–-well liked” (Miller 1012).

Willy strongly believes that in order to be successful and wealthy you have to be known and well-liked.

To Willy, Dave had the greatest career a man could want, “ because what could be more satisfying than to be able to go, at the age of eighty-four, into twenty or thirty different cities, and pick up a phone, and be remembered and loved and helped by so many different people” (Miller 1043)?

Once again Willy stands by his belief of reputation being the key to success.

Willy felt that because he named his boss “Howard”, he would have a secure future with the company but as Charley said "those things don’t mean anything?

You named him Howard, but you can’t sell that" (Miller 1053).Four ministers of Salem joined Matther, and they spent a whole day in the house of the afflicted in fasting and prayer.The resultof which was the delivery of one of the family from the power of the witch.Having an American Dream may not be a bad motivation for life, but Willy held on to this dream as if it was everything.Death of a Salesman has many literary devices that help to make it deep and riveting play that has become an American classic.Those who are well liked seem to have certain advantages and doors tend to open a little bit more easily for them. Willy Loman wants to be a great success like Dave Singleman, an eighty four year old salesman like himself.When Dave died, hundreds of salesman and buyers were at his funeral.In the context of Bernard's business success and Biff's failure, Biff has nowhere near the reputation that Bernard does.Although it's easy to criticize him for this belief, Willy does have somewhat of a point.A belief quickly spread over Salem and throughout the state that evil spirits are being seen in Salem.Terror took possession of the minds of nearly all the people, and the dread made the affliction spread widely.


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