Arthur Conan Doyle Hound Baskervilles Essay

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In The Hound of the Baskervilles, various factors of Arthur Conan Doyle’s early life, popularity, perspective, and status were all expressed in multiple ways. “Arthur Conan Doyle.” British Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers Before World War I.” Ed.

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The solitude of the flat was also important for Holmes thinking.

Watson quotes it a 'necessary for my friend in those long hours of intense mental concentration.

Holmes' character was innovative idea as few crime fiction stories about detectives Setting and Atmosphere London was an ideal place for Conan Doyle for Holmes to be situated.

At the time many of the Victorians lived in London so they may have been able to relate to where Holmes lived and recreate the atmosphere that's Holmes flat seems to conjure up in our own minds.

People were fearful of the streets but were also intrigued by the changes that were occurring before them.

This is when characters such as Holmes began to appear.

A police force had just been formed and many people didn't yet know how it worked.

Crime was on the rise and it wasn't safe to walk alone on the streets at night.

The flat that Holmes lived in was a typical London middle class home and this is why many of the Victorians could have compared their flat to Holmes.

Holmes flat would make many of the readers feel at home and they would feel that they were certainly more involved in the book.


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