Animation Research Paper

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CSE 464b - Animation Research Seminar (Optional) Credits: 1 Spring Quarter Prerequisite: CSE 458 Website: Introduces basic foundations of animation research in science and technology.

Builds research skills by reading and evaluating papers along with designing and implementing related research projects.

We present a machine learning technique for driving 3D facial animation by audio input in real time and with low latency.

Our deep neural network learns a mapping from input waveforms to the 3D vertex coordinates of a face model, and simultaneously discovers a compact, latent code that disambiguates the variations in facial expression that cannot be explained by the audio alone.

These exercises culminate in a final project in which students divide into teams and focus on developing aspects of the film to be produced in Winter Quarter.

This is an interdisciplinary course which is open to students from varying backgrounds such as Art, CSE, Drama, and Music.

If there's camera movement, think about your transitions. Is there a transition of sorts or is it a direct shift into the next scene?

If you're using a solid colored background, you can use this to your advantage by manipulating the negative space around your subject.

Groups of students will collaborate during both the design and execution phase of the project.

This course allows for the experimentation and investigation of stories using production tools that support the technical and aesthetic pipeline for AR/VR film production.


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