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The Spanish and the British were outraged over all of this.

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Jackson supporters believed that voters were told to vote for Adams or Clay through secret political maneuvers.

They accused them of making a "corrupt bargain."Adams and Jackson both ran for president again in the Election of 1828, which was also known as a revolution.

So Andrew at the age of 15 was without no immediate family. Two years later they found that this was not true and that the divorce had just then become final. This event would effect Jackson for the rest of his life. The duel with Charles Dickinson in 1806 stands out as an example of his characteristic refusal even to think of defeat. Jackson planned on killing Charles with one shot so he took a bullet in the chest and, without flinching, calmly killed Dickinson.

s had obtained a divorce, they were married in 1791. Many of these duels resulted from people saying things about his wife.

Before Jackson became president, rich southern planters and northern merchants dominated the government.

Now, under Jackson's rule, white males of the lower and middle classes began to vote in large numbers. s early influences were the American Revolution in which he served as a mounted courier at the age of 13. He served in the Senate from September 1797 to April 1798 and then retired to private life. the Seminole Indian tribe who were raiding settlements in Georgia and hiding in Florida. Jackson was successful in foreign affairs during his Presidency. After one year in the House, he moved to the Senate. Andrew was a brave individual that was scared by very little. The changes in politics during Jackson's presidency provided various social and economic changes.Actually, political change began several years before Jackson became president.Calhoun (1829-1834) Martin Van Buren (1834-1837) Served in American Revolutionary War Major general in the War of 1812 First Senator from Tennessee First Governor of Florida Helped found the Democratic Party, first Democratic President Only president censured by the Senate First target of presidential assassination attempt Paid off national debt while in office Explore articles from the History Net archives about Andrew Jackson » See all Andrew Jackson Articles Andrew Jackson summary: Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States.He was a first-generation American, the son of Irish immigrants. He soon allied with the Jeffersonian Party criticizing Washington and his administration. Major Accomplishments In 1787, Andrew became a lawyer and he set up his office in Mc Leanville, N. He soon moved his office to Nashville where he met and fell in love with Mrs. In 1796, Jackson was elected into the House of Representatives, representing Tennessee. Retirement By 1836 Jackson was weak from tuberculosis and had no thought of seeking a third term. s presidency thousands of people came to give Jackson a bid good-bye. On June 8, 1845 Andrew Jackson died at his home at the Hermitage, where he was buried next to his wife Rachel.In the Election of 1824, Jackson had the most popular and electoral votes, but did not win the election.Because the vote was split four ways, he did not have the majority of the electoral college and John Quincy Adam became president.


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