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Vṛddhagārgīyajyotiṣam aka Vrddha-garga-samhita is an ancient Sanskrit text originating before Common Era.

Transmitted orally for several centuries before getting fixed in script and later copied in different places over centuries the...

Prehistoric Greece includes that period known to us through archaeology rather than writing.

The Minoans and Mycenaeans with their bullfights and labyrinths come from this period.

Then came the poet-politician Solon, who set up a constitution, followed by Cleisthenes, who had to iron out the problems Solon left behind, and in the process increased from 4 to 10 the number of tribes.

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Sparta started with small city-states (poleis) and tribal kings, like Athens, but it developed differently.Long walls extending to the harbor prevented the Athenians from starving in case they were besieged.Originally kings ruled the Greek states, but as they urbanized, the kings were replaced by a rule by the nobles, an oligarchy.The Peloponnesian War (431-404) was fought between two groups of Greek allies.One was the Peloponnesian League, which had Sparta as its leader and included Corinth.The Achaeans founded Sybaris was an Achaean colony perhaps founded in 720 B. Three phratries formed a tribe (or phylai) headed by a tribal king.The earliest known function of the tribes was military.They were corporate bodies with their own priests and officials, as well as military and administrative units. The civic life of ancient Athens was in the agora, like the Romans' forum.The Acropolis housed the temple of the patron goddess Athena, and had, since early times, been a protected area.With this wealth, building and other cultural programs were established in each region Greece was at odds with Macedonia, again, and sought the help of the budding Roman Empire. Roman emperor Constantine established a capital city in Greece, at Constantinople or Byzantium.It came, helped them get rid of the northern menace, but when they were called back repeatedly, their policy gradually changed and Greece became part of the Roman Empire. When the Roman Empire "fell" in the following century, only the western emperor Romulus Augustulus was deposed.


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