Analytical Essay On Schindler'S List

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One woman tells the women around her that the Nazis are putting Jews in gas chambers and killing vast numbers of people all at once.

The women around her dismiss this as an impossibility, but from their terrified reactions in the shower at Auschwitz, we know that they were simply denying something they actually believed.

Itzhak Stern acts as a human form of Schindler's conscience.

The friendlier Schindler becomes with Stern, the more he acts as a savior to the Jews.

Throughout the film, Jewish characters deny the absolute horror of their situation.

We first see this during a scene in the ghetto, when a group of Jews is standing around talking about how the ghetto can actually protect them and allow them to act upon their Jewish identity. Another instance in which we see denial is in the discussion of the gas chambers.

He stops his hedonistic behavior and focuses on his work.

He also stops working to exploit the workers and make money.

Finally, the use of handheld cameras throughout the movie to create a sense of homemade intimacy provides heightened cinematic realism.

The film explores the growing virtue in Oskar Schindler.


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