American Romanticism Essay

In Poe’s symbolism of dark deeds in “The Black Cat” is shown in how the creature itself is constantly provoking the narrator to insane violence. Heidegger’s study, where an old, tall mirror told the unshakable truth about the experiment going on there even though everyone present was deceived (Hawthorne).

By this constant presence of symbolism the reader becomes more aware of symbolic references.

Poe and Hawthorne use different methods to convey to the reader important information for the understanding of the story like setting and haracterization, but both utilize the strong influence of a narrator’s voice in their compositions. Heidegger’s Experiment”, the narrator is important as an unbiased account of what really happened. Heidegger’s view the tale would be full of cynical observation, but from the eyes of the subjects, only wonder and amazement, not reality, would be conveyed because they were unaware of anything more than their own feelings.

From the mouth of the narrator we are presented with the events and left to decide for ourselves what really happened.

An example of this in “The Minister’s Black Veil” is a description of Mr.

Hooper’s character, “If he erred at all, it was by so painful a degree of self-distrust, that even the mildest censure would lead him to consider an indifferent action as a crime” (Hawthorne) Poe uses strong forms of symbolism that are present throughout his stories.In doing this, Hawthorne leaves the ending open to interpretation, encouraging the reader to dig into what they have read.Poe uses the narrator as well to describe parts of the story lacking inner thought processes.These innovative thoughts and experimentations in language have forever changed what we appreciate in writing.Poe and Hawthorne used various techniques in their writing including symbolism, allegory, suspense, characterization and great use of setting to make it very real to the reader.Both authors use a higher-level vocabulary and diction, showing the intent for an educated audience.This can be seen in the use of words like “visage”, “venerable”, “omniscient” (Hawthorne, “The Minister’s Black Veil”).Because most of Poe and Hawthorne’s writings that are analyzed use a narrator, it shows the authors intent for the story.Intent can be conveyed through the language of the piece.Also, the reader can analyze the choice of words and their conveyed meaning by the connotation they bring.In “The Minister’s Black Veil”, Hawthorne uses dark and melancholy words such as “miserable obscurity”, “lonely”, and “frightened” to show Mr. These authors’ uses of language skills show not only their excellent command of the English language but also their great desire to find the perfect word to fit their story and their style of writing.


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