Agricultural Business Plan

A bird’s eye view of the operation can help you address all components and how they connect, from the strengths and weaknesses of family members, to taking stock of assets and investments, to creating a retirement and succession plan.

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Undoubtedly, when beginning farmers get started, it’s their passion for feeding the world good food and taking care of the land that drives their ventures.

However, farming is a tough business, and without a solid business plan, it can be difficult for a first-time farmer to make ends meet.

Depending on the source, business plans can be structured in different ways, but each seeks to accurately depict what your business is all about in both words and financial numbers.

“A good business-planning process will put you through the paces of assessing the realities: exploring markets, looking at your assets, and thinking about what you can realistically do with your time and skills,” says Jody Padgham, editor of (Midwest Organic and Sustainable Ed Service, 2012).

Managing a farm business goes beyond the annual profit/loss.

It’s more than controlling costs or even knowing how to get the most benefit from tax laws.

Sometimes an outside source is needed to take a fresh look at the farm’s situation.

Using expertise, financial software, and face-to-face consultation, creative solutions can be found to ease the crisis.

Some find that a SWOT analysis can help facilitate the process.

The SWOT approach outlines Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to the farming operation, as it increases communication amongst family and other members of the business team.


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