Accounting Internship Resume Cover Letter

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Please contact me at [Phone] or via email at [Email] so we can arrange a meeting. You want to sound knowledgeable and self-assured, mentioning your experiences and why you’re valuable to the firm.3.

Thank you for your time and consideration; I look forward to hearing from you. Be Thorough: Your cover letter needs to tell hiring managers your relevant experience, how you found the job, and which position you are applying for. Sound Interested: The best way to show you’re interested in a company is to conduct some in-depth research into their initiatives or goals and comment on it in your cover letter. Why do you think it’s a good direction for the company to go in? Draw from Your Resume: The use of bullet points in the cover letter changes the overall structure of the text and will grab a hiring manager’s attention.

Looking for cover letter examples for internship success? By using well-chosen words, you can make a good impression. The courses I have completed have given me a solid foundation in the tools, processes and methodologies involved in the successful analysis and management of portfolio-investment strategies.

Writing a cover letter to get an internship can be intimidating. Currently a junior majoring in finance at UNT, I have demonstrated strong academic performance in all finance courses, maintaining a 3.5 GPA in my major.

Crowley: Two of your former interns, Brian Hodges and Martha Smith, suggested I contact you regarding finance internship opportunities.

Research Papers In Management - Accounting Internship Resume Cover Letter

Since starting college, I have worked part-time (summers/holidays/evenings) as a clerk at Wal-Mart.

While your letter needs to be customized to individual circumstances, this sample cover letter below can help an aspiring intern's cause. #45 | Sometown, TX 75000 | (555) 555-5555 [email protected] I have a proven ability to learn challenging concepts quickly and have developed competencies in diverse areas, including: In addition to my analytical strengths, I bring to the table advanced computer skills (with cross-platform exerptise in Windows and Mac); expertise in the MS Office suite of products; and familiarity with programming languages including SQL, HTML and VB.

They are familiar with my background and felt I would be an excellent match for your summer internship program.

With this approach, [Target Company] will have more autonomy in choosing which corporate entities they wish to work with.

I am thrilled at the prospect of working with [Target Company] and would like to come in for an interview as soon as possible.


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