Accenture Case Study Questions

Accenture Case Study Questions-70
Q3- Apart from obtaining money from the above 5 vendors, what are other revenue streams?

Interview Experience The following questions were written on the case sheet: Q1- How would you price the garbage to make a profit?

(what would be your strategy) Q2- What information would you need to proceed in the case, prioritize your questions.

How would you ensure that your brand isn’t damaged? Would it be possible for you to explain further about how this whole procedure really worked (if it really happened that way), it is a bit confusing.

Also, if you can give a brief summary about your answer for the case study.

Brit Air has a history of strong performance results and is well known globally and has influence in major airports.

In the case study they also give you a break down of First Class, Business Class and Economy passengers - with Economy accounting for most of their customers (i.e. The company had appointed a new CEO who wanted to merge with another Rival but the Employees feel the Brand will be damaged. I have my Accenture AC on 31st July and I was just wondering how did you work around with the case you have mentioned above.

The interviewer would tell about the case, and then they were looking for accuracy in math (no calculators allowed), relevancy of questions, etc.

Interview At the beginning of the interview, the interviewer asked me to do two cases - they were both relatively simple and did not involve a business situation.

As you can guess the company was having some problems.

Profits were down and costs were increasing at a rate of 4% on average.


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