A View From The Bridge Introduction Essay

Eddie’s thoughts and feelings are engaged elsewhere, with his niece, Catherine.Beatrice is, by nature, a sensitive and emotionally aware woman.

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While Beatrice and Catherine set the table for dinner, they convince Eddie to let Catherine take a job as a stenographer down by the docks.

Eddie informs Beatrice that her cousins, Marco and Rodolpho, will be arriving early from Italy and will probably be at the house that night.

When Eddie enters the house he gently scolds Catherine for flirting with the boys so blatantly.

Eddie thinks she should be more reserved and not "walk so wavy." Beatrice, Eddie's wife, is also home.

Rodolpho develops a reputation at the docks for being quite a joker, which further embarrasses Eddie.

Beatrice, more aware than ever of the attention Eddie is giving Catherine, talks to Catherine about being a woman and tells her she must grown up and make her own decisions.Rodolpho and Catherine are left alone in the house and have sex in the bedroom.As they are leaving the bedroom, Eddie comes home drunk.The situation escalates and Eddie becomes increasingly jealous of Rodolpho.Eddie resents the fact that Rodolpho thinks Catherine is looser than Italian girls.Immediately after leaving Alfieri's office, Eddie calls the Immigration Bureau and reports Marco and Rodolpho. As he is being taken away, Marco spits in Eddie's face.Alfieri pays bail for the two men and arranges the marriage of Catherine and Rodolpho.On the wedding day, Marco returns to the house for revenge. Marco turns Eddie's arm and kills Eddie with Eddie's own knife. Conflict is at the heart of drama and ‘A View from the Bridge’ is full to the brim with it.Alfieri compares himself to a lawyer in Caesar's time, powerless to watch as the events of history run their bloody course. As Eddie enters the home two fellow Longshoremen, Mike and Louis greet him.Eddie's niece, Catherine, reaches out the window and waves to Eddie and Louis.


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