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Needless to say, I felt more attached to the character I was cosplaying. I hurriedly shoved my essentials and toy guns in my bag.I walked down the flight of stairs leading to the garage.“Where’s your sword?

Needless to say, I felt more attached to the character I was cosplaying. I hurriedly shoved my essentials and toy guns in my bag.I walked down the flight of stairs leading to the garage.“Where’s your sword?I looked for my friend amidst the group of visitors and cosplayers standing or walking idly on the fifth floor.

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Perhaps because I use this form when I talk to my friends via social media. This will be the flow of our guide: Probably the words “stories”, “experiences”, and “anecdotes” come into your mind.

According to Jacqueline Goodwin of the San Jose Writing Center, personal writing essays “. By the end of the day, your readers will gain something from you. This is an outline you can use to write your narrative essay. The Lone Wolf and the Sense of Belongingness It all started with a plan with my friend.

I turned to the direction of her voice, and I barely recognized her! She wore a dark brown wig with front bangs and thick locks of hair that cascaded past her shoulders.

We locked each other in an embrace and briefly introduced me to her friends. As my friend was preoccupied with meeting people, cosplayers and non-cosplayers alike courteously asked me to have a photo with them.

I observed the photographer expertly position himself behind each of the cosplayers, his camera focused on the person’s face.

I was eagerly approached by photographers, and gladly posed for them.He received his Ph D in English Literature and Medieval Studies from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014.There are 5 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.” My father inquired in curiosity as I settled in the front seat.“I don’t need it.” I straightforwardly stated.“I only need a gun.”Anticipation surged through my veins. My father dropped me off at the entrance of the floor at around pm.I met her on the second day of the event, however, little did I know that it would be one of the most fulfilling and memorable moments of my life. I would not want to appear like a warrior drenched in sweat. As usual, I mused on how different I looked in cosplay.I’m not a vain person by nature, but I admired the woman gazing back at me in the mirror.My eyes scanned the area as my friend talked to the people she met up with. Some were walking with their cameras clasped tightly between their hands, looking for other cosplayers to photograph.I chanced upon a two cosplayers reenacting an action scene.I was able to acquaint with fellow cosplayers by that time. We sat on the table near the entrance of the food court.An hour or so, we left the food court as my friend had to meet other people.


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