A Lesson From The Amish Essay

A Lesson From The Amish Essay-84
Here are some of the ways the Amish live and work in grace and simplicity.Perhaps there are ways to embrace some of the Amish lifestyle to create a more authentic and simple life for yourself.

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How would your family relationships change if you spent more time together, sitting down for meals and enjoying activities together in the evenings and on weekends?

What would it take to create more intimate, real time with your family? They share the joys and sorrows of life with one another in a system of support and love.

Their culture and way of life supports close community interaction and simple fun, often involving nature and creativity.

Do you live within a community of supportive and loving friends and neighbors?

The Amish don't separate out of arrogance — a simple lifestyle helps them focus on what they value most.

They live these values every single day in everything they do.In fact, all meals are sit-down affairs taken together as a family.Children learn specific skills from their parents and work along side them daily on the farm or in the house.Are you available to one another in the good times and bad?Do you socialize regularly in ways that foster close relationships?They wear a cape and apron over the dress and a small prayer cap. They wear solid colored shirts and suspenders, black socks and shoes, and a straw or black hat.Amish clothing is an expression of their simplicity and humility.It also frees them from many temptations and distractions that could undermine church and family life.Think of all of the time you spend in your car, on the computer, or watching television.He stormed into the Amish school and shot all ten of the girls, killing five of them. This tragic event put a spotlight on a community of people who shun publicity and intentionally distance themselves from worldly influences. But it was their reaction to this tragedy that revealed the depth of their grace and the power of forgiveness.In the midst of their grief, the Amish community did not cast blame or express a desire for revenge. What can we learn from the Amish and their way of life?


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