6th Grade Essay Prompts

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For example, if you take the first option on the list, you can write that sports should not be coed and then tell your reader three reasons why it shouldn’t be coed. They are designed to establish a question pertaining to a conflicted view and then challenge yourself to prove your stance.

Therefore, you would tell your side of the dispute and then for each body paragraph talk about a different reason why you believe it.

Mom and Dad At Work What do your parents do all day? Global Disasters What is your take on the global impact?

Letter to the President Write a letter to the Commander and Chief If You Were Invisible? Your middle level writer are usually the most creative.

The Latest Gear Bully They pick on you for your lack of gadgets. Helping Your Sick Friend How would you help a seriously sick friend? Help Your Parents Understand Tell them something that you want them to understand about you. High School and Life Are they connected or separate?

School Uniforms What are your thoughts on the topic? Having Hope A real serious issue that you shouldn't approach lightly. The Crazy Food Court Write about a time at the mall food court.

The idea behind a persuasive essay is to help the student pass their ideas through to the audience.

Even at such an early age, kids today have formed some opinions of the things that they see in the world around them, and it is important to use this as a means to get them to open up.

That said, these middle school music writing prompts can be used with kids of all ages.

Would you rather be an accomplished singer or play an instrument well?


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